The Alpine A4810 Concept Is Automotive Design Imagination On Steroids

Design has always played an important part in the automotive business, sometimes as an aesthetic endeavor, or a functional factor, and other times as a happy medium between the two.

With concept car design from the world’s biggest manufacturers keeps growing sleeker with each passing year, it’s easy to get swept up in all the excitement. But to appreciate the exquisite lines and trim chassis that litter the 21st-century streets, it’s vital to grasp just how far we’ve come since the first Model T rolled off the lot.

The divide between art and design was not well-defined in the early years of the automotive industry. Early vehicles improved over horse-drawn carriages, and design decisions were left to coachbuilders. These artists specialized in handcrafted wood and metalwork, using their carriage construction talents to create one-of-a-kind expressions of craftsmanship for wealthy clients.

The automotive manufacturing process was divided into two distinct stages during that time. It was common for luxury car manufacturers to construct the frame, engine, suspension, and all functional or technical aspects. However, aesthetic components such as bodywork were done on a Rolls-Royce chassis by coachbuilders such as Mulliner or Park Ward. The coachbuilders produced vehicles of exceptional artistic value, practically one-of-a-kind sculptures.

Now, carmakers are finding new imaginative and innovative ways to design cars to mimic the evolution of society and satisfy the people’s needs. Here’s what we think of the futuristic design of the Alpine A4810.

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The Alpine A4810 Concept Was Designed By A Team Of Future Generation Designers

2022 Alpine A4810 Project by IED 
Via Alpine Cars

Alpine has a racing heritage worth remembering, with a rich history spanning from rally racing to Formula One. But that hasn’t stopped the French automaker from looking ahead, as Alpine has shown a stunning hydrogen-powered supercar prototype.

The Alpine A4810 idea aims to honor the marque’s history while also ensuring a forward-thinking future. Students at the Istituto Europeo di Design created the A4810. The Alpine team gave the students a brief to create a “super berlinette” for the year 2035, something they undoubtedly achieved with flying colors.

The students produced the A4810’s F1-inspired aesthetic through sketching, 3D models, digital renderings, animations, and Human Machine Interface.

They also chose a name that underlined the brand’s history. In reality, ‘4810’ refers to the height (in meters) of Mont Blanc, the highest and most iconic summit in the Alps, which sits on the boundary between Italy and France, like a bridge between IED and Alpine.

The automotive manufacturer is named after the same mountains and evokes the thrill of driving along their winding roads.

The Alpine A4810 Concept’s Aerodynamic F1-Inspired Body

2022 Alpine A4810 Project by IED 
Via Alpine Cars

The founder of Alpine, Jean Rédélé, quickly recognized the potential of a car brand.

He wished to establish Alpine based on the following fundamental principles: a car of innovative design, equipped with competitive yet straightforward mechanics beneath a lightweight and attractive body.

He also intended to use the most significant number of mass-produced parts possible to achieve a low-cost price and low maintenance cost in relation to the car’s performance.

The Alpine A4810 is designed to be an interaction between empty and full sections, giving the automobile a lightweight look, with aerodynamic components influenced by Formula One models.

Carbon fiber may be found throughout the body, but it’s most noticeable in the massive front splitter. Transparent LED taillight blades and a short strip of LEDs running across the front bumper are among the model’s novel lighting features.

The car also features a bi-tone paint, while matte black and carbon fiber accents create a stunning contrast, focusing more on functional components, be it aerodynamic or mechanical.

The end result is a futuristic supercar that pushes the brand’s boundaries in terms of package, proportions, and design language.

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How The Alpine A110’s Interior Compares To That Of The Alpine A4810 Concept

2022 Alpine A4810 Interior
Via Alpine Cars

Although the exterior is modeled after the well-known retro-futuristic Alpine A110 from the 1960s, the interior is designed for comfort and efficiency.

The seats are heavily bolstered sports buckets with a fixed backrest angle, and they’re comfortable enough to contemplate a long journey. They are also a material element of the cabin, upholstered in leather and Alcantara and accented with blue stitching.

An elevated center console panel with an engine start button, transmission controls, electric window switches, and an electronic handbrake switch emerges between them. The A110 could be more securely fastened, and it wobbles a little too freely to inspire the idea of the quality that the leather and carbon fiber-style trim it’s finished with is attempting to convey.

The gearshift paddles are made of aluminum and are placed closer to the natural resting areas of your hands at ‘quarter to three’ on the steering wheel than in some Renault Sport models.

This is impressive for a ‘futuristic car,’ but it pales in comparison to the creative imagination that the Alpine A4810 interior embodies. The Alpine A4810 takes all the past Alpine two-seater car interiors to the next level.

2022 Alpine A4810 interior
Via Alpine Cars

When designing this concept car, the objective was to obtain a car that is not only technologically advanced but also environmentally beneficial. It was designed to keep the Alpine brand’s classic qualities and offer a glimpse into future supercars.

A set of low-slung seats with a skeletal appearance and an F1-inspired steering wheel are featured inside the Alpine A4810 concept.

The interior is decorated in the French flag’s blue, white, and red colors, with red ambient lighting to finish it off.

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